Spinal Manipulation & Mobilization

Spinal manipulative therapy, also known as an adjustment, is a safe, gentle and painless technique. Carefully controlled pressure is applied to a joint to encourage better movement. An adjustment removes interference from the nervous system that contributes to restricted movement. This interference may also send pain signals to the brain from the tissues surrounding the joint. A chiropractic adjustment modifies this interference, decreases pain, increases joint mobility and reduces muscle tightness. Adjustments can be done to improve any joint in your body, not only your spine.

Conditions relieved by Chiropractic Care

Neck Pain                                             Pinched nerves

Headaches                                           Postural pain

Whiplash Associated Disorder             Pregnancy related pain

Back pain                                             Work place injuries

Sciatica                                                Shoulder, elbow, hand pain

Disc injuries and herniations                 Hip, knee and foot pai